Justhookup.com Scam or Worth a Shot?

There are lots of people out there who search the internet far and wide to find good quality people to meet, for friendship and romance. Nonetheless, as they look around in their particular area, who may have the same common interests as he or she may have. They may visit dating websites that may be good, but there are some, which are totally fraud in nature and which do convince innocent people to sign up for expensive memberships. The problem is that these very same expensive memberships don’t give them back anything in return. At least, not what they are looking for, which is good matches for romance and a possible long term relationship.

Justhookup.com is not only a very popular dating website, it is also a place for people to meet, in order to mingle if they would just simply like a fling. This is supposed to be the ideal place to get together with strangers over the internet, if they are seeking to meet, and only get together for a one-night stand or casual thing. Despite the fact that this website has only increased in popularity over the last few years, it has also received reviews from people, which have not been very favorable in description. A lot of these reviews came from former members who stated that their profiles weren’t authentic at all. They also complained about getting fake messages and claimed it was a total fraud for those who registered there to become members. Something which does prompt the question of is Justhookup.com a real dating site or fake? Please read on to learn more about it.

This website lures people to it, by not only offering free profiles for those looking to date, but also by giving them a free registration to. In this case, one can truly see, you do indeed get what you pay for in the end. Justhookup.com does have a very smart and neat interface for people to use. However, it is very hard to determine if you are even really connecting to real individuals, as it is uncertain if you are indeed messaging members who are real in description. Therefore, with this said, it does raise the concern that the site may indeed be a scam. This is especially true to those who are new, and do register on there, as they do tend to get messages from people who never do seem to answer back. This does raise the bogus question of the website all the more. Various pictures of women can be found on the website by conducting a simple search, but these photos may be being used without the knowledge of those who sign up, as these photos are mainly of women who may not even be aware that their photos are circulating on this fake website.

Those members who do register with Justhookup.com for lifetime memberships are complaining of their profiles being hacked. There are literally thousands of different profiles on this site, which are thought to be just nothing but BC bots, and these BC bots are doing lots of business by scamming unsuspecting people into having to pay for costly membership fees after they do initially sign up at the site. There have also been numerous complaints made against the developer for creating a program that uses the cookies of members to reveal the exact location of where they reside. Fake profiles are then created for these specific areas to fool other members into believing that they can actually meet people within their own local area to.

Those people who have agreed to pay the $50 membership fee, do eventually find it almost next to impossible to cancel their membership, once they learn that the website is an alleged scam. These very same members continue to get charges and they still don’t get any real results from their membership. The website itself does admit itself to using “virtual” cupids and this is listed under their Terms and Conditions, which are totally fictitious in nature.

Some former members of Justhookup.com who write the reviews about this dating website, did openly state that they received lots of messages from local women in their area, but once they did buy a membership to connect and communicate with these attractive females. The messages from these so-called interested women, suddenly stopped coming to them, just as fast as they started coming before they did sign up for membership. They also openly complained of not getting any answers back from various members on the site, to whom they did also send messages to, as well, in addition. Members have also complained about their own Yahoo IDs being placed into a database and being contacted while online by women from Ghana. These women from Ghana openly access these Yahoo IDs with the intention of trying to scam the members even further.

All of these complaints from members, and from former members, are what is making one believe that Justhookup.com is not a real dating site for meeting people. Is Justhookup.com a real dating site or fake? You decide for yourself and go from there.

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